Iresearch: China Mobile Shopping GMV Surges 239.3%

GMV of mobile shopping in 2014

iResearch’s data shows that the GMV of China mobile shopping market reached 929.71 billion Yuan in 2014, leaping 239.3% from 2013. The growth was much faster than that of the overall GMV of China online shopping market which increased 49.8% and stood at 2.8 trillion Yuan in 2014. iResearch predicts that mobile shopping will keep the high-speed development in next few years and the GMV is expected to exceed 4 trillion Yuan in 2018.

Market share of mobile shopping in online shopping market in 2014

In 2014, mobile shopping took up 33.0% of China online shopping market, increasing nearly 19% from the previous year. iResearch believes that mobile shopping will keep expanding its market share in the coming years and finally surpass PC online shopping in 2016.
The soaring usage of mobile Internet, shift from PC to mobile device of Internet users, improved mobile shopping scenarios, e-commerce operators’ rising efforts on mobile business and development of mobile shopping platforms all contribute to the surging of mobile shopping in China. Therefore, it is expected that mobile shopping will maintain fast growth in the future years.

Main players in mobile shopping market

In terms of the market share in mobile shopping sector, Alibaba, JD and Vip took the top 3 places in 2014 with respective share of 86.2%, 4.2% and 2.1%. iResearch attributes this phenomenon to three factors. First, with market share of 86.2%, Alibaba was the absolute leader of the market. With Taobao and Tmall, its mobile business was penetrating into every aspects of people’s daily life. Second, JD cooperated with Tencent to march towards mobile shopping with mobile app, WeChat shopping, mobile QQ shopping and Vdian. And third, Vip, Suning, Jumei, Yhd, Gome, Amazon, Dangdang, etc. all invested more in mobile shopping which intensified the competition.


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