iResearch: JD Plays a Leading Role in China Equity-based Crowdfunding Market

China equity-based crowdfunding market raised 440 million Yuan.

In China, equity-based crowdfunding grew by 123.5% in 2014, with 440 million Yuan raised. iResearch forecasts that money raised through equity-based crowdfunding will hit 15 billion Yuan in 2015 in China.
Moreover, the programs in the market reach 4494 and got 790,825 supporting users. With the explosive growth of internet finance, there will be more trials in the crowdfunding market. In 2014 alone, the market increased 50 crowdfunding market. It is expected to the market will taking continuous power based on the current rapid development and embrace a new surging.

According to iResearch, China equity-based crowdfunding market raised 440 million Yuan, among which, comprehensive crowdfunding platforms accounted for 84.1% with 370 million Yuan raised. Vertical crowdfunding platforms occupied 13.9% with 60 million Yuan raised.

In 2014, smart hardware program saw rapid growth on crowdfunding platforms in China. Crowdfunding platforms will focus their sights on vertical area of music, video, agriculture, public benefit and real estate to make huge progress. At present, there some serious defects in the development mechanism of crowdfunding platforms in China, for example, incomplete legal regulation, credit environment and intellectual property. In this case, China crowdfunding industry should explore the suitable development pattern. For example push integration of online funding and offline operation, accelerated shift from PC to mobile device.


JD got the leading place in China equity-based crowdfunding market in 2014.

The data from iResearch show that JD seized top three places and other three positions in China top ten equity-based crowdfunding programs in 2014 and raised over ten million Yuan with the seven programs. It can be seen that JD had obvious advantage in China equity-based crowdfunding market in 2014.

JD took the largest share in China equity-based crowdfunding market in 2014.

According to iResearch, China equity-based crowdfunding market raised 440 million Yuan. Money raised via these platforms including, Zhongchou,cn,, and totaled 270 million Yuan and accounted for 60.8% of the market. JD crowdfunding platform raised 140,314,000 Yuan and took the largest share of 31.6%. The following Zhongchou shared 11.0% with 49,039,000 Yuan raised. And in the third place was occupying 8.9% with 39,507,000 Yuan raised. Demohour and Dreamore got the fourth and fifth positions, which obtained 7.2% and 2.2% share with 31,826,000 Yuan and 9,651,000 Yuan raised respectively.

iResearch views that JD got the first place by money raised in China equity-based crowdfunding market because it had stable user base by long-term accumulation and could provide service covering capital, production, sales, marketing, legal consulting, auditing and others. Zhongchou were popular with project sponsors for it could offer one –stop service including funding, investment, incubation and operation. Certainly, it had so many projects that it could raise more money and get the second place in the market. Taobao crowdfunding platform ( could attract a large number of project sponsors and investors, depending on Taobao platform with huge user base and high awareness.Therefore, it obtained high crowd funding. As the first crowdfunding platform, Demohour had high profile and could won a large amount of funding.

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