iResearch Releases 2015 China Mobile Payment Outlook

Mobile payment will rapidly expand to town and the rural area.

With increasing usage of mobile smart device, upgrading of their functions, expansion of 4G network in some area of 730 million of towners and over 630 million of rural residents will enjoy the convenience brought by mobile internet. Similar to trend of other internet segments, mobile payment will also extend to towns and villages from the first-, second-, third- and fourth-tier cities. Therefore, it is expected that mobile payment will reach a high penetration in towns and villages.

Mobile phone purse will be more like a real purse.

In 2015,Alipay, Tenpay and Lakala will continue to seize the offline payment market. More offline sectors such as taxi-hailing, catering, shop and supermarket, medical treatment, traffic and finance can accept the mobile phone purse. Code sweeping payment will expand in offline more early than NFC. In future, smart phone manufactures including Apple and Samsung will flocks into mobile payment in China. Meanwhile, NFC will also bring more imagination for of offline mobile payment. Therefore, it can be forecasted that mobile payment will turn into a payment tool which can replace bank card and cash.

Mobile payment users will be more obviously featured by small amount and high using frequency.

Seen from the data provided by Tenpay, WeChat payment soared 332.8% from Q4 2013 to Q4 2014.Especially, it surged 183.9% in Q1 2014 versus Q4 2013,much higher the growth of other quarters, which was probably pushed by the rise of red envelope users in Q1 2014.

In China Spring Festival of 2015, red envelop giveaways didn’t only log in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala, but also became an important segment, by which TV audiences could participate in activities in gala. It implied that red envelop giveaways finished the accumulation of mobile payment users and upgraded to an app people were willing to participant. Besides, red envelop giveaways helped long tail users know and try mobile payment for the first time. In fact, after some users finish register, verification and card binding by themselves or with the help of their friends and relatives, they will turn to be mobile payment users. Furthermore, Alipay and Tenpay follow it up by some marketing activities in order to develop the mobile payment using habit of some users featured by small amount and high frequency, which will exactly convert the part of users into the active users and become the breakthrough for the mobile payment.

Mobile payment will give impetus to the expansion of mobile app business model.

It is expected that more mobile app will increase payment scenarios by vertical e-commerce in 2015. Increasing usage of mobile payment will provide new business model and monetize pattern for the mobile app, a access of traffic. Growth of mobile payment user and development of in–app payment model enable mobile app with huge traffic, which is also a payment scenario, to get user base and technology for developing vertical e-commerce. The above condition creates opportunities for expanding mobile app business model and development of in-app mobile payment enterprises.

Mobile payment will be the marketing analysis tool of merchants.

Red envelop giveaways in China Spring Festival of 2015 increased B2C red envelop service besides P2P in 2014.Enterprises give away cash coupon to users via Alipay red envelop and WeChat red envelop, which is reverse marketing initiated by users. In the process mobile payment becomes a merchant marketing analysis tool. It is expected that more merchants will obtain clients and client information management channel by service counter and coupon with expansion of online and offline payment scenarios.

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