2014 China Internet Economy Report (Free Brief Edition)



Revenue of China Internet economy reached 870.62 billion Yuan in 2014 with YoY growth of 47.0%. Such rapid growth was mainly driven by mobile Internet economy which contributed 25.6% of the revenue. China Internet economy is expected to keep progressing rapidly for the next few years and the revenue will exceed 2 trillion Yuan in 2018.

Product Description

Table of Content
1.2014 Internet Economy Annual Data

2.2014 E-commerce Annual Data
2.1 Overview of China E-commerce Market in 2014
2.2 Performance of Different Market Segments in 2014

3.2014 Online Advertising Annual Data
3.1 Overview of China Online Advertising Market in 2014
3.2 Performance of Different Market Segments in 2014

4.2014 Mobile Internet Annual Data
4.1 China Mobile Internet Revenue
4.2 China Internet Users Behavior

5.2014 Third-party Payment Annual Data
5.1 Third-party Online Payment
5.2 Third-party Mobile Payment

6.2014 Online Gaming Annual Data
6.1 Overview of China Online Game Market
6.2 PC Game Market Conditions
6.3 Mobile Game Market Conditions
6.4 Market Trends

7.2014 Online Video Annual Data
7.1 Revenue and Structure of China Online Video Market
7.2 China PC Online Video Audiences Behavior
7.3 Comparison of China PC and Mobile Online Video Audiences Behavior
7.4 Contents Viewed by China Online Video Audiences

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