2014 China SaaS Platform Market Report (Brief Free Edition)



In B2C and C2C sectors, open platform has been widely accepted by users. When there are certain users, many enterprises will choose to shift to platforms by introducing third-party applications, which can largely save plug-in development resources and is also able to provide users with more choices. In the area of SaaS, many enterprises also begin to try platform pattern. By introducing other service providers, open platforms can meet the diversified demands of different clients.

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Table of Content

1.Overview of China SaaS Platform Market
1.1 Definition
1.2 Platform Types
1.3 Development History
1.4 SaaS Platform
1.5 Competition for Entrance to Enterprise Service
1.6 IM Software Leads the Competition

2.Development Background of China SaaS Platform Market
2.1 Steady Growth of Internet Users & Substantial Growth of Mobile Internet Users
2.2 Constant Increase of Internet Traffic
2.3 Mobile Working Becomes Rigid Demand
2.4 A Right Time for Enterprise Service Platforms
2.5 Internet Companies Compete for the Market
2.6 Focusing on Enterprise Market
2.7 Market Potential of Chinese SaaS Platforms
2.8 Business Model of Chinese SaaS Platforms

3.Status Quo of China SaaS Platform Market
3.1 Revenue of Enterprise Software & SaaS Enterprise Software Market
3.2 Revenue of SaaS Platform Market
3.3 Paying Customers of SaaS Platforms
3.4 Users of SaaS Platforms
3.5 Market Share of Different Types of SaaS Platforms

4.Typical SaaS Platforms in China
4.1 imo
4.2 Jingoal
4.3 Mingdao

5.Development Trends of SaaS Platforms
5.1 Enterprise Service Is Shifting to SaaS

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