Q3 2014 China Online Recruitment Report (Brief Free Edition)



According to iReseach’s data, in Q3 2014, revenue of China online recruitment reached 970 million Yuan, growing by 21.3% YoY and 9% QoQ. Two factors attribute to the growth: on one hand, as autumn is the peak season for recruitment, the more employers and their investment led to the increase in revenue. On the other hand, the growth of traditional online recruitment companies’ revenue depends on the increase of employers, so their more investment in attracting new clients and clients’ more usage of online recruitment service both encouraged the growth of revenue.

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1.China Online Recruitment Market in Q3 2014
1.1 revenue of China online recruitment market
1.2 Revenue of China Major Online Recruitment Companies

2.Visit of PC Recruitment Websites
2.1 Unique Visitors per Day
2.2 Monthly UV
2.3 Top5 Recruitment Websites by UV per Day
2.4 UV per Day of Major Social Networking Recruitment Websites

3.Visit of Mobile Recruitment Websites and Apps
3.1 Monthly UV of Major Recruitment Apps
3.2 Monthly UV of Major Mobile Recruitment Websites
3.3 Monthly UV of Major Mobile Social Networking Recruitment Websites

4.Advertising of China Recruitment Websites
4.1 Advertising Spending of 51job
4.2 Advertising Spending of Zhaopin

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