WeChat Will Not Be an Important Online Shopping Channel in The Short Run

Weishang, e-commerce of Tencent’s WeChat, doesn’t go smoothly while having advantage in growth of potential users based on WeChat, a most popular instant messaging app in China.

Those aged 31-40 accounted for 45.4% in overall Weishang users, higher than the percentage of shoppers aged 31-40 in online shoppers via app and PC.

The average accumulated spending on purchasing products on Weshang was 151-400 Yuan in 2014, and Weshang users have a higher percentage in shopping frequency of 2-3 times. iResearch holds the opinion that compared with traditional online shopping, Purchasers’ the accumulated expenditure and shopping frequency on Weshang were both much lower.

The following is the reasons for WeChat users not to buy products on Weishang. Firstly, most of WeChat users haven’t form the habit of online shopping via Weshang. What’s more, the sources of the goods on Weishang are not reliable. Also, it is easy to purchase the Weishang products through other channels. iResearch believes that now users have a low acceptance for shopping on Wechat. Therefore, Wechat will not become the main shopping channel in the short term.

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